Retinning & Polishing of Copper Molds

Step 2

The cost of retinning & polishing of copper molds is $7.00 per inch.and $50 for repairs

To calculate the total inches of a copper mold, add the diameter and the height together to get the total inches

Oval or rectangular molds total inches can be calculated by lentgh + width divided by 2 +height
We also repair copper moldscontact us for pricing

Step 3

Package your items as if they are fragile and please include your contact information on order form
Payment include a check with total cost (link to price calculator) also add return shipping cost which is the same cost for shipping to our location, or an invoice can be sent to your email address if you would like to use a credit card.

Oval or rectangular lids total inches can be calculated by length + width divided by 2.

*Also include the cost of return shipping which is the same cost to ship to us.

Allow 2-3 weeks to complete orders.

For any questions please contact us

Step 3

Use our price calculation tool